Hi my name is Olivia I am 16 years old, and art is one of my favourite hobbies. I started painting when I was 5 at Stoney Creek School of Art. I got an art set for Easter when I was 6 years old and my first painting with my art set was my Bowl of Apples.

Now I am currently working on new paintings and my art can be bought as a card or as a print in many shops in Grimsby, Vineland and Niagara on the Lake.  For a complete listing of the shops go to the “Where to find” page. I’m also at local art events where you can buy my artwork.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your art is beautiful you are a great artest all your cards are awesome i hope i will be able to buy some of it my favourite one is the light house your awesome (:

  2. Hi Olivia you are an awesome young lady,for your age I can only imagine of were you are going to go. Your shooting for the stars with the wonderful work you are doing and you will get there I know that for sure.Go girl

  3. Love your new web site and your poinsettia picture; can’t wait to see your new picture. I want to order a print in New Year. Love Babbi

  4. Hi Olivia…We seen your picture in the paper this week. Congratulations! Love your art work and website. Will continue to check it out. From your Neighbor Nyla 😀

  5. It was pleasure seeing you and family on Thanksgiving Day. You are an amazing young lady! I hope you will come and visit us someday. I like all of your art. Cousin Ron (twice removed)

  6. I met Olivia and her Mom today at Maplecrest Bazaar, Olivia your artwork is wonderful, very inspiring. I was very impressed by you and your Mom. I purchased two cards, the roses I will give to my Mom for her birthday her name is “Rose”and she lives at Maplecrest. I also purchased a small card with a bird on it, which I will display in my home. PS your website it awesome. I hope your artwork keeps filling your life with joy, it is “Awesome”

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